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Author: Luke

Wanderer, ponderer, cycler, adventurer. I suggest you read a few more blogs if you want to learn about me.

Dave Glenn’s Sexcessful Failures now available on Amazon

I am absolutely giddy to announce that our very own Dave Glenn has sexcessfully published his first book and it is now available on Amazon for a measly $12.95! And with never before seen content, there is really no reason you shouldn’t check this book out.

I don’t care who you are or what you think of this guy, his writing is damn good and you know you can relate to at least a few of the situations he so eloquently describes for us and drags and spooges all over our faces.

A very sincere and heartfelt congratulations from all of us here at OurThursday Mr. Glenn and we look forward to your continuing saga of debauchery, enlightenment, education, and sleaziness.


OurThursday presents the G.A.G app for Android and iPhone!

I swear to you I go to bed thinking to myself how I can get you all to toil the fields for this blog. You/I have failed in this late night dreamy/creamy passion, but the fight must continue.

The latest attempt is to force you to Get A Grip with the G.A.G app currently available for Android and iPhone! soon to be available on iPhone when Apple stops mourning and approves us. Free of course, and mysteriously ad free.

Get the app and you can record yourself for up to 30 seconds and it will be posted to Rant about your significant other, the way deodorant tastes after you bite your nails after you put your hands in your armpits, dreams, funny stories, recorded grocery clerk, whatever.

Note: Android OS 2.2 and earlier will not let you play the files from the app, but you can still record and submit. We welcome your comments and this is version 1.0 of hopefully many more.

Note 2: It seems Firefox cannot play the files on the gag page. Working on it.