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Live Blog Reading: That One Time in Highschool…

I am simply shocked I have survived this long. Ten years ago when people asked me “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” I would always respond with “In a wheelchair.” Alas, my days of skidding around a basketball court with a high speed wheelchair that has sharp spines sticking out of it’s wheels are still ahead of me. And to celebrate/mourn this fact, my high school is having our ten year reunion in some scabby hollywood establishment.

Well, as we took Our Thursday, we are going to take the reunion!

Our Thursday is proud to present “That One Time in Highschool Live Blog Reading” where we will grace you with that embarrassing story behind the bleachers and tease you with a lengthy description of how short Cindy Lou’s skirt was that memorable day. Unlike the high school reunion, we will not be charging a cover and all we ask is for you to bring your memory of days long past and share with us a great night of story telling.

When? June 17th, 2011. Story time will begin at 9pm but we encourage, nay, expect you, to arrive earlier to share some laughs.

Where? My house in Simi Valley at the top of the hill. Email [email protected] for directions.

The punch will be spiked, and the snacks might stay in your system for 12 – 16 hours. We encourage you to bring food and drink. We will provide the rest.

Sign up at the facebook event page!


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