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The Authors

Luke Ollett

Chief Nerd and Dubious Writer

Wanderer, ponderer, cycler, adventurer … I have lived on three continents and am overly anxious if I am not moving around. This is where most of my stories come from.

[email protected]


Brian Paller

Lead Graphic Designer

Los Angeles based illustrator

[email protected]
Instagram: bpratt__


Danielle Bernabe

Community Manager

Matt Zbrog

Ethereal Corespondent

“Matt is an American writer.  He would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have.”

Editor’s Notes:

Yes, just that, I think. Hope it doesn’t come off too smarmy.

I don’t have anything worthy to link to right now. Part of me wants to clarify that I’m a ‘first generation’ American, raised by (legal) aliens.  It might seem superfluous, but it sheds light on my journalistic perspective.

[email protected]


Rebecca Pardess


Mike White

Nor-Cal Correspondent

Since being gifted his “big break” out of the entertainment industry, Mike has relocated to San Francisco, doubling his rent and hoarding humorous observations about locals while attempting to gradually regain a soul.


Dave Glenn