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American Nature: A Series About Your Mother

What would life be without trees? Bleak, sweltering, and full of carbon dioxide … for three. While we all enjoy ourselves a good tree once in a while, how much do we really know about them? Director Logan Leistikow reveals the true magnificence of The Giant Forest in Trees, the first installment of his new series, American Nature, now playing on Funny or Die.

“Life would definitely suck without trees,” Logan says.

No stranger to the indie production scene, Logan shot and directed the award-winning documentary The Comedy Garage and is currently producing its follow up, The Comedy Garage [Deluxe Edition].  Then there’s Space Rock – a story about the first moon landing, which includes real NASA footage and is scheduled to release this July.

Now that he’s thoroughly stalked struggling comedians and astronauts, Logan’s latest venture investigates his long-standing love affair with his mother, my mother and your mother — Mother Nature.

Logan’s special relationship with nature began at an early age by the influence of, “a lot of old white guys in Native American headdresses.”

“I was in Indian Guides, which was sort of similar [to Boy Scouts.],” he says. “We earned beads and feathers instead of badges and were taught the way of the natives.

“We didn’t learn useful skills oddly enough,” he continues. “Except fire safety, I guess.”

Fire safety, in fact, is one of many subjects covered in Trees. Find out why the Sequoias of The Giant Forest “like it hot,” and a slew of other earthly tidbits you probably learned at summer camp, but have definitely forgotten.

“I’ve always wanted to direct a nature documentary,” Logan says. “Although when I was a kid, I thought more along the lines of great white sharks or lions chasing gazelles.”

Leave the slow motion, HD shots of cheetahs to The Discovery Channel; American Nature captures the simple yet beautiful wonders that may go unnoticed by busybodies like you and me.

“Everyone can always stand to learn a little more,” Logan adds.  “And I think most people find nature intrinsically fascinating.”

That they do, Logan, and if they don’t – what is wrong with them?

Check out Trees today! And, gear up for more mind-blowing Earth knowledge every month on Funny or Die.  What’s next on American Nature? Buffalo and Volcanoes.

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