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Month: January 2011

Sophie vs. Jay: Relevant Capitalism

On Christmas Eve, two eccentric minds met for the first time and among many other things, this Challenge Blog was birthed. This Challenge Blog also rings in the new year with the first one of it’s kind that does not involve any of the OurThursday authors. So any readers that feel the need to challenge me, their mother, their three legged cat, or neighbor… please send your requests to [email protected] and I will let you know how this goes down.

The Prompt

In 300 words or less, explain why the  traditional concept of capitalism is no longer relevant or indeed, is relevant.

The Challengers

Sophie – Cantankerous genius who has lived several more lives than the rest of us.

Jay – Intense philosopher of life, finance, and spatial worm holes who is not afraid to shoot someone with a crossbow.