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Category: Dream

Dreams of Frustration and Combat

Last night as I lay in my aunt’s house in Norway, I had two very memorable dreams. The first one I believe to be easy to decipher and the second one is not so easy but seems to be following a recurring theme I am having in many of my dreams. I will try to briefly describe the dream and then give my analysis which I have been avoiding in some of the last dream blogs.

What the Country of Turkey does to my Dreams

While perusing the Aegean coast off the west coast of Turkey, I had this most interesting dream. The night before was mellow and filled with exotic foods which might have helped this to happen. Upon waking up I immediately had to write it down as it was too strange to forget and I had to make this blog as I think it might be a crucial insight into my psyche. I woke up with Charlie’s alarm and was not ready to have the dream finish but maybe it was for the better…

Being Chased

I seem to be having quite a few dreams recently where I am being chased either by some sort of evil force or as if I am a fugitive. Last night I had one where it seemed we were in a mountainous area which reminded me of my buddy Len’s old house at Lake Nacimento. Pretty much the yeah buds group was having a great party and then it all turned sour and I needed to run. I successfully got away through a hidden gap I knew about in the fence and when I got through the other side I was captured indicating that someone had ratted me out.