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Month: May 2009

Remote Control Blimp

All my life I have been extremely interested in gadgets. My dad and I would goto Frys Electronics all the time just to walk around and gaze upon all of the useless things that we thought we needed. I would stare at all the voltmeters and the various type of desk lamps they offered. Funny enough the one in Woodland Hills was designed like you were walking into the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland and I always thought that to be appropriate. As a freshman at UCI I happened to run into a remote control blimp at Frys in Fountain Valley. It cost like $80. Here is the story.

Cat Abortion is not a Crime (Update)

A while back I wrote about an interesting story of how, with the help of my fresh off the boat Swedish roomate, we effectively gave a cat an abortion, which according to some, she did not want. Because this damn blogging software does not make it easy for people to know if I respond to comments (note: recently fixed, click the box now), I wanted to revive this story so I can respond and defend myself because although it may not be clear from my original post I love cats and I feel I am getting a bad reputation from that post.

What the Country of Turkey does to my Dreams

While perusing the Aegean coast off the west coast of Turkey, I had this most interesting dream. The night before was mellow and filled with exotic foods which might have helped this to happen. Upon waking up I immediately had to write it down as it was too strange to forget and I had to make this blog as I think it might be a crucial insight into my psyche. I woke up with Charlie’s alarm and was not ready to have the dream finish but maybe it was for the better…

Finger Nail Biting Habit (part 2)

It seems that my previous post about nail biting is the shining star on this blog. I understand there are some ghastly stories that would make any normal internet user shy away in dismay, but I had no idea it would be the nail biting entry that was the most popular. Well I intended to make the nail biting entries regular, however I concluded there just really wasn’t too much good stuff I could add other than pictures of my hands. But I have received some great comments and some pictures related to the first one which I think need to be addressed as well as the progress with my own nails.