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Cat Abortion is not a Crime (Update)

A while back I wrote about an interesting story of how, with the help of my fresh off the boat Swedish roomate, we effectively gave a cat an abortion, which according to some, she did not want. Because this damn blogging software does not make it easy for people to know if I respond to comments (note: recently fixed, click the box now), I wanted to revive this story so I can respond and defend myself because although it may not be clear from my original post I love cats and I feel I am getting a bad reputation from that post.

First I would like to say that I am pro-choice when it comes to human abortions. How dare you impose your beliefs on anyone else. If I imposed many of my beliefs on you, you would freak out and want to write some nasty comments like some of the people on my original post. I understand the argument of late term abortions, in fact youtube can be very helpful on explaining how they actually do this. I watched one that was a cartoon that actually showed the cartoon baby make a wincing face as they stuck the needle in the back of its neck/head. Having said that, the mother needs to be educated about her situation and make her own decision. Maybe give her this cartoon flip book or something, but at least its better than these stories you hear of babies left in dumpsters.

Growing up I was around many animals and especially cats thanks to my mother. I had a crow that ran away because it could not fly and one day it was gone. I had an african grey parrot that mimicked the sliding glass door opening in the middle of the night and the phone ringing and hated men. I had a cage full of ring neck doves that my cat could figure out how to get into on occasion and close the door behind him. I had a three legged cat we got a garage sale. I had a cat that I specially fed to make it very large. I had a horse that would scale vertical walls while you held onto her tail as she pulled you up. I had a white cat which I loved tremendously and after taking her to a vet to remove the cancer in her ears, which brought her back with a shaved head and no ears (quite the spectacle), she violently shaked in my arms and died looking at me as if I had done somethin wrong from the medicine they had given her. At one point we were breeding ragdoll cats famous for being completely double jointed and outrageously stupid. If you have ever dealt with pure bred animals and their breeding process, you might know that on occasion the babies are not normal. I have seen kittens being born, completely joyous on seeing the outside world, but half their innards were hanging out of their stomach as it had not closed entirely. I hate to think what the haters of my previous post would say if they knew that these kittens were held under water until their suffering was ended. In this case, would abortion be acceptable? I am all for pre-birth analysis with X-ray and DNA tests and all that but please allow me to send the bill your way.

There is a reason cats have litters. Litter being a bunch of kittens, sometimes 2 sometimes 8. It is because for whatever reason, it is tough for cat’s to get to the age of procreation whether it be cars, coyotes, people named nuthead, early pregnancy, cannibalism, feet, or whatever. On top of that, a cat can have a litter every 2-3 months and is happy to take the demanding sex life to accommodate this. The other day I was walking to these ruins in Efes Turkey. On the way there, the path was filled with thousands of little frogs hopping only 2 or 3 times before they got tired. This made for a very treacherous walk as I do not like to step on baby little frogs. However, there must be areason that one little frog birthed hundreds of babies. Because they die easily. By the end of the day when I was walking back, there were tons of dried up frogs that could not get over the curb or some freshly squished ones.

Thank you commente’s, I love your responses and keep them coming.

To Jennifer who wrote “your a murderer of poor helpless innocent kittens…and your smug about it.” …Yes the kittens were innocent but they were not able to move to much to really be able to do anything that would make them guilty, they were not poor. I am not smug, I am being straight forward and honest. I am sure if you asked Mussolini if she thought her still developing vagina and womb could accommodate 4 kittens, she would have said no.

To Alysha, I will conceal your email address but if any wants it I will be happy to give it out. I really hope you keep googling cat abortions or however you found this blog the first time and see this response. Please don’t use capitol letters, it does not emphasize your point, I can assure you. All it does is bring a hilarious image to my mind of you stomping away at your keyboard with one finger as you hold the shift key since you likely do not know about caps-lock. My cat was a whore and the whole neighborhood knew it. Neighborhood, I am sorry for the weeks of torturous cat moans that you had to endure while she gallivanted around. If you look up the word neutered on Wikipedia, you can see the definition to be ‘Neutering, from the Latin neuter (of neither sex ), is the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ…’ So Alysha for that, go fuck yourself, oh wait, I don’t want you to bring in any unwanted babies into this world so maybe you shouldn’t. Go neuter yourself. Especially if your email is going to have terms in it like ‘blazed’, ‘mammi’, and’0422′. The number is not discreet.

To Kourosh, Johan and I were acting on the instructions of certified veterinarians. Johan does and says weird things but he is not at fault in no way in this situation.

To Steve, thank you for understanding and I hope your situation was as equally hilarious and emotional as mine. Maybe you could share a few words about how it went down for you.

OK, with that done, I would like to admit the following. The cat was obviously emotionally altered after this incident and it was clear she knew what had happened. For that Mussolini, I am truly sorry. The problem with a ferrel cat is that they must have babies, that is in their genetic programming. Mussolini was a pro-lifer and unfortunately for her, I don’t agree with her philosophy and more importantly, I was paying the bills and buying her food and material for her to shit on.

So in the end, I am arguing for education to all woman around the world and for all species as well as prenatal tests that can erradicate unwanted pregnancies and genetic deficiencies.

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