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Dreams of Frustration and Combat

Last night as I lay in my aunt’s house in Norway, I had two very memorable dreams. The first one I believe to be easy to decipher and the second one is not so easy but seems to be following a recurring theme I am having in many of my dreams. I will try to briefly describe the dream and then give my analysis which I have been avoiding in some of the last dream blogs.

Dream 1: Beer Frustration

The scene was my grandfathers house in England out on the driveway. There were lots of people there as the hours were waning in the day but there was light throughout the whole dream. I asked to play beer pong as that is why we were all there. I had a partner I can not remember now and the team we were playing was composed of two people but the only one I remember was my good friends girlfriend, Lindsay. The game got down to one cup on each side and my competitive blood was bubbling over the top of my head and spilling all over the table. It was my throw and Lindsay began her campaign to make Luke go crazy. She started moving the cup around, taking the cup off the table, putting small lids on the cups with funky shaped holes that would not allow the ping pong ball to get through, not have the cup there at all, put things over the cup, and much more. All the while she was bouncing around frantically like the monkeys in the wizard of Oz with a huge smile on her face and an endless stream of taunts coming out of her mouth. Meanwhile I was trying very hard to not freak out. At one point I do freak out and get very angry and run to the other side of the table to try and make the cup situation right but on my return to the other side of the table she had already put some plants in the cup or something of that nature. There would be a few tosses of the ball during all this and I would always miss because of some stupid thing i should have accounted for like my fingers being dry or something and the laughter would get even stronger. I would curse the people around and ask them why they were not playing as well. My anger towards Lindsay had no end and I do not think the game ever ended. I might have stormed off after she had made me throw the ball at the cup which was on the ground and I badly missed. I seem to remember everyone having a great old time and I was just simply fuming and there was nothing i could do about it.

Dream 1 Analysis

I think Lindsay is a wonderfully intelligent and beautiful person and despite any anger I might have had for her, it would never be a constant thing. In general I would never hit anybody in anger and although she made me feel as though this could have happened, I could never do it. In real life she knows how to rile me up and I think she knows that she pretty much can do whatever she wants without consequences and gets the pleasure of watching me freak out and scream like the primitive ape that I can be. The meaning of the dream, though, is obvious to me. Lindsay had sent me an email recently is why she was fresh in the brain. This past Saturday, my gang of friends in California celebrated the third annual beer olympics in style and I heard about it and saw a few pictures. I hold this event close to me as I feel like somewhat of a founder from the last two years but this year I was absent as I was galabanting through the Norwegian fjords with long lost family and camping on remote rocky outcrops while contemplating why snuss has never made it to North America. My frustration in the dream was due to me not being able to participate in what appears to be the best beer olympics yet and I wasnt even there.

Dream 2: Combat amongst friends

The scene was a posh looking nightclub set somewhere in London and inside there were all sorts of stairs and views of the top floor and bars on both stories and tables on both stories as well. Everyone was dressed in suits or Samurai gear. I entered the club with my sword and was immediately attacked but defended myself well and carried on. The figths were gory with limbs flying around and blood splattering over many a surface. No one seemed to die, they were merely dragged off or made inconsequential to the rest of the dream. As I am battling the main oppresor of the dream, I run into a friend Mike H. who told me he had the situation handled and asked me to go outside as I should not see what was about to happen. I left but came back to him about to decapitate the head of someone I thought was on my side. He looked at me and said some words and then did the job all though I never saw the head roll around. He was in cahoots with what I thought were the bad guys initially and we talked about the situation and he convinced me of the truth that I had not been aware of earlier. Mike and I were lef to our own devices and he proceeded to get really drunk. He then started challenging people and making sure they understood that he controlled their destiny. Then all of a sudden a HUGE mechanical beast came and I had to fight that alone as Mike was too far drunk. I was having sword issues and was stuck using a flimsy blade that kept breaking as I tried in vein to attack the mechanical beast that stood 10 meters tall (think mech warrior). Mike eventually got a grip and threw me a decent blade and I was doing better but still could not penetrate the machines armor. Then I kneeled down, and stayed very still and I had a very close up image of my calf slowly covering itself with ice and when I arose I had frozen the scene and the mech warrior could not move. I ran around it cutting all the cables and pipes that I could and when it finally thawed out it fell over in an explosion. I then had to fight my old allies who were very weak and I handled them easily but I did not like doing it. At this point I woke up as I did not like what I was doing.

Dream 2 Analysis

I have had many dreams involving combat and having to defend myself since I left my California comfort zone. Sometimes against creatures, sometimes against people, sometimes I opted to defend by running. Thinking about it, the dreams had to do with running away in the beginning and more and more they are having to do with fighting. In this particular dream there seems to be conflict between what side I need to be on although personally I do not know if their are sides other than what I think, and the rest of the world. Mike was in the dream since I put him in my calender to call when I get back from Norway, that and he is Asian and fits well into a Samurai style dream.Moving away from what you know and find comfort in can feel like you are running especially when you used to live in the USA which does not encourage this sort of behaviour and can often times make you feel that people look down on you for making the decisions that you have. I have come to terms with that and I am not proud of coming from a country that promotes that sort of sentiment. As I move onto the next stage of my plans, I am forced to defend ideas that may not be shared by everyone but none the less I am prepared to fight for them. If I should fail, it will only be in a glorious blaze which I solely was responsible for…

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