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Category: Dustin

My Mid Mid-life Crisis

Everybody has heard of the mid-life crisis. Usually typified by a balding married man trying to cling on to his lost youth by purchasing a red convertable sports car. While I am not quite to that point just yet, I have been struggling with something similar and just as sad and pathetic. My mid mid-life crisis.

An Evening With Dustin……in Jail

I’ve found myself in many uncomfortable situations over the course of my twenty-seven years. In Jr High, trying to hide my erection when Mrs Monson made me go up to the front of the class to multiply some fractions. Accidently calling and asking Shasta (an ex hook-up) how to get to her house when i was trying to call Shana’s house (my current fling). Damn cell phone contact list! And just generally any situation with a girl all throughout high school. But none of these compare to spending a night on cold concrete in a 10×15 ft cell with 15 scary mexicans behind bars.

I Liked Their Early Stuff Better

I want to talk about something that’s plagued mankind for centuries, (well, decades at least). “Selling out”. One can “sell out” in many aspects but I’d like to focus mainly on music. To many music fans this is probably something you don’t think or even care much about. If most of the music you listen to is just whatever you happen to hear on the radio… one, I feel sorry for you, and two, you may not understand why this is such a big deal. What i will try to explain here is how heartbreaking and excruciating it can be when a band or artist “Sells out”.