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Author: Deezy

My name is Dustin, but I'm better know as Deezy. I'm a giant walking blabber mouth who loves to give his two cents. I often agree to disagree just because there's nothing like a good ole' debate. While most people see me as an arrogant, cocky son of a gun because I've been there done that...I'm actually a whole-hearted gentle funny man. Writing has always been my passion, yet I think people sometimes would rather read my stories then to hear me tell it. I've learned that haters are good, because it means that I'm doing something right. Traveling the world and playing basketball has giving me plenty of unique and interesting stories that I plan to share with everyone. Paying for ketchup at McDonalds in Europe pisses me off, because I'm a ketchup whore. Being given a drink with no ice makes no sense to me at all. Roundabouts seem to be better than the traffic light, gives people less time to text and drive and kill! American beer is quite pitiful for how much we like it. Otherwise, I'm here to stay and make due with what I got. I hope you enjoy my blogging of anything and everything! WORD!