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Category: Nail Biting

From a Nail Biting Reader…

This email has been sitting in my inbox for ages and I thought it was very kind of this reader to share his story. Sorry Steve for taking so long on this.

A brief update on my nails is that they are waxing and waning like the tide but not from my biting, only the clippers. My intentions to grow them back towards the knuckle seem to not be working or taking a real long time but we shall see. I will admit, I have given up on my right pointer finger and bite the hell out of that one to make sure I do not abuse the other ones. My right thumb nail is incredibly sharp and picking my nose with my pinkys sometimes gives me a bloody nose.

Finger Nail Biting Habit (part 2)

It seems that my previous post about nail biting is the shining star on this blog. I understand there are some ghastly stories that would make any normal internet user shy away in dismay, but I had no idea it would be the nail biting entry that was the most popular. Well I intended to make the nail biting entries regular, however I concluded there just really wasn’t too much good stuff I could add other than pictures of my hands. But I have received some great comments and some pictures related to the first one which I think need to be addressed as well as the progress with my own nails.

Fingernail Biting Habit

Since as long as I can remember, I have been biting my nails. My mom said I was biting my nails as a baby. Before I was even talking. Although apparently I didn’t talk until I was 3 years old and that is long enough to cause some worry in the parental units around. People thought I was going to be a mute. And then one day I just blurted out a whole sentence, none of this “mamma” bullshit. But I digress…