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Month: August 2010

Two Years? Pssshhhh….

Our Thursday is approaching her two year birthday! Or is it three? Not important… Since her inception she has been screaming passionately and loudly as her growing pains shape and define her. Two years ago I didn’t even know if she was a she or a he but it’s all too apparent now as she slides her silky smooth hands all over our bodies. I must thank the authors for her blossoming identity as it is their tireless efforts and unique personalities that have caressed her buxom bossom to heave ever grandeur. And to that end I would like to introduce three new “stimulators” of her, Our Thursday.

My Night as a Mermaid

I stared at my hairy stomach spilling over the blue and green sequins one piece I had just wiggled into. On paper, this seemed like a good idea. Now, not so much. I always hated those douchebags that thought they were being funny by dressing up as girls for Halloween and now, here I was, one of them. I put on the long red wig, padded my sea shell bra and squinted at my reflection in the mirror, trying to calculate how many drinks it would take for me to sleep with myself. For a second, I thought about calling the whole thing off and claiming a fever or a stomach flu. “It’s funny,” I told myself, forcing a smile onto my face. “It’s funny because its part of a theme . .  it’s funny because you’ll be with other guys doing the same thing . .  .  it’s funny because  . . . its funny.” Just as I had started to convince myself that everything was going to be fine, I caught a glimpse of my backside which set my confidence level back to zero. “If you don’t find it funny, no one is going to find it funny,” I said to myself, annoyed with my own anxiety. “It’s fucking funny dude, now stop looking at yourself and lets go.”