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The Other Side of “The Most Scared I Have Ever Been”

A year ago I posted a story about The Most Scared I Have Ever Been which recounts a night when I was the victim of an incredible practical joke that could only be compared to a Food and Drug Administration raid on an organic chicken house not giving their constituents enough sunlight and/or over starched chicken feed. Well my story was very one sided, but fortunately one of the “raiders” has been kind enough to send us his version of the story. Thank you so much Joe. (Joe is also infamously known in the first haircut bet.) Please enjoy Joe’s story as much as I did.

Time has passed and this took place during 2000 or 2001. It was one of the greatest pranks that I have played on a good friend throwing a party at their house.
To give a little back story my friends and I were enjoying our newly bought paintball guns along with 20oz co2 tanks that allowed for hundred of shots to go off.
It was an event that we have talked about for a long time but have yet to execute. We were sitting around at a friend’s house and heard another friend was having one of the normal Friday evening parties. We decided to dress up in all our camo gear and see what kind of trouble we could get into.
We decided to go complete black ops style on this place. We scoped out the surrounding area, saw the easy entrances, climbing onto the second story deck to scope the room above, front and rear entrances. We knew the easiest the way to accomplish our task and set forth our plan to scare the shit outta everyone.
The idea started that Travis would wear a scream mask and he would stand at the back sliding back door of the Villa house and as he rose and lower his hands we would cut the power to the house and the fun would begin. Oh how the story did not end as we planned.
As Travis raised and lowered his hands we tried to turn the power off but with no luck. Some of the breakers were switched and the houses power only partial switched off. He quickly ran off and eventually ran around the block. After he ran off I hit all the breaker switches and shut off the power to the entire house.
With the power cut we ran into the house with paintball guns a blaring. Shouts and screams were rampant as we tried our best to scare the shit outta the occupants in the house. Job successful. Some ran, some hid, or at least tried to.
As I ran into the house I first ran directly to the front door and locked it both keeping people out and locking everyone else in. This definitely led to one of the more serious issues we ran into as our plan progressed.
Downstairs we began our raid and ruffed up some of the crowd that was there. We specifically targeted Sven as for at that time, for some reason I can´t remember, tried our best to punch him, throw him around, and eventually tossed him atop the pool table.
One of my comrades on the raid ran upstairs. Picture this, you are scared as shit, unknown intruders are raiding a house your in so you decide to try and hide yourself. A clear logical place, maybe behind a dresser or under the bed but alas my friend Luke decides to hid himself against the wall. The plan of hiding oneself against a wall while hoping that you can’t be seen. Of course that plan completely backfired. Brandon entered and quickly left Deezy’s room but returned and applied a quick chokehold on Luke. While being in a sweet death grip Brandon confesses to Luke that everything is in good fun and just a joke.
Unbeknownst to either of them, a few straggler’s were hiding within the house still fearing for their life. If anyone has met Zach you know he is master of knifes where the medium size he has is no less than 6 inches. He is the type of guy that keeps one hidden under his pillow while he sleeps.
A quick synopsis of how Luke was almost stabbed to death was when he and Brandon entered the bathroom and were quickly grabbed by the frightened Zach and nearly stabbed in the chest by one of his 6 plus inch blades. As quickly as they entered and were grabbed they were able to shout out that they were friends and to not kill him.
After we realized that our sacking was a success I decided to turn the power back on and hit the breakers back on. Then I ran back to the front door to unlock it and see how everyone was faring outside
Being young and unaware of what people would think of our actions I strolled outside to inform the party standing in front of the house that all was well and we were just enjoying a good prank. Little did I know how serious they would take everything. Apparently everyone was enjoying technology as they all had cell phones and decided to unanimously be calling 911 requesting help.
I walked up to Dustin, which was a good friend, and said that it was just a prank. He was livid and said “You don´t do that shit to me”, as he was still on a cell phone with 911. Awesomely enough we had an idea that Brent would drive up with his car rigged up with flashing red and blue lights to simulate a police officer car pulling up to the house. But that plan failed when you could hear real police sirens screaming up to the house. As not only did the party goers call the police but so did the neighbors. We had SWAT on alert and were preparing to raid the house but were called off when local PD was on scene and realized the situation.
As the cops pulled up we hide some of our camouflaged fatigues and guns to look less threatening. We eventually explained the prank to the police officers which were more than happy to fill out FI cards and called our parents to come to the Villa plaza to pick us up.
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