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Kid Rocks 10 Easy Steps to Becoming Famous

step 1: Come up with a name for yourself that lets everyone know how much you rock.

step 2. Find a way to mention your name in every song

step 3. If 5 minutes have gone by and you haven’t reminded your audience how awesome you are, be sure to tell them again.

step 4. Name drop good artists and bands in your songs to subliminally associate your music with good music. (suggestions: AC DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd)

step 5. Singing and playing guitar at the same time is really hard. . . don’t try it

step 6. Cover classic rock songs but change the beat so you can call it your own. You don’t have to change the lyrics just keep saying your name between stanzas

step 7. Cover every possible genre of music. . that way there is something for everyone

step 8. Story telling is not important in song lyrics

step 9. If you get stuck on writing a new song. . . just write out the lyrics to one of your old songs. . cut out each word individually and place them in a cool pimp daddy hat. . give it a little shake. . and then rewrite the new song in the order you pull out the words. don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense

step 10. Buy a motor cycle and make sure everyone see’s you riding it. . . oh and don’t forget to put your name on it.

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