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Introducing the “Proving Grounds”

It can be a cold and heartless world out there. Filled with degenerates stealing your bicycles and looting your coffers as you scrape and scrounge for that last morself of non-fat yoghurt in the midst of wide eyed and frantic hooligans. Here at Our Thursday we understand your plight and we want to help. To that end we are proud to introduce the “Proving Grounds“!

The Proving Grounds is our way of inviting you the reader to share with us, and the Our Thursday community, your tales of titillation and stories of stalwartness. Just goto the link at the top of the page and submit your story and let the world handle the rest. Slander an annoying thespian. Predict the super bowl results with eloquence. Smash a smash brothers addict. Make fun of red heads. Recite that haiku you worked on for so long. It is all very much welcome and I do hope some of you participate.

We have received our first Proof titled the “Neverender – A Four Night Stand” and it is a dazzling doozy. Go on and check it out, comment on it and let the world know what you think. Click a star at least!

We look forward to your submissions.

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