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How to Stop Your Receding Hair Line

The hair gene in males comes from your mother’s father. This means that I am going to have

My eyebrows in about 27 months. Hopefully not my demeanor.

enormous eyebrows that will shade me and my family from the sun and  I will have one of those heads that has the semi circle around the back from ear to ear. If I were a weaker person, I would grow one side extremely long and try to hide the top of my abnormally shiny head and then say “What?” when people asked me about it. However, there are alternatives.

Possible route for the future.

I have a very wise friend affectionately named Agincourt who has hit that point in his life where you can see your forehead growing abnormally fast. “Are you serious?” is what you say to yourself when looking in the mirror sometimes. Agincourt is well read on this subject and sent me a short and succinct message explaining to me exactly what I need to do if I want to try and salvage my hair.

Here is a decent read from one of the more unbiased websites since a lot of them have vested interests.
Basically, the only treatments FDA approved for hair loss are finasteride (brand name propecia) and minoxidil (brand name rogaine).
Here is good summary of the scientific study for propecia:
Keep in mind most of the studies end up looking at the crown only so that’s what they will end up claiming its good for. The general consensus is that reducing DHT w/ finasteride will halt the process in general no matter where it is.
Cipla,, is an Indian drug manufacturer which sells some versions of generics to Canada and I believe the US also. They sell a generic version of Propecia 1mg (Finpecia) and Proscar 5mg (Fincar). People will go the 5mg route to save money and cut the pills in 4ths or 5ths.
These are the two most commonly used online pharmacies from what I gather.
I would suggest the nizoral shampoo as its been shown to be as effective as the lower strength rogaine. its an antifungal you can use a few times a week and keeps the scalp healthy.
Overall, these are not very good solutions (not 100 percent effective and it is an indefinite treatment).
Hope this helps,
Ultimately I decided to not try this, mainly due to the cost and time commitment. You will end up spending over a thousand dollars a year and need to be very diligent with the application and use of these products. Two things that I am not very good at, having money and doing things regularly. Maybe Agincourt could leave a comment below with his experience up until now?
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