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Being Chased

I seem to be having quite a few dreams recently where I am being chased either by some sort of evil force or as if I am a fugitive. Last night I had one where it seemed we were in a mountainous area which reminded me of my buddy Len’s old house at Lake Nacimento. Pretty much the yeah buds group was having a great party and then it all turned sour and I needed to run. I successfully got away through a hidden gap I knew about in the fence and when I got through the other side I was captured indicating that someone had ratted me out.

Another chase dream I had recently was a rather cool one. I was on the moon with maybe 100 other people who were all on the moon to see this most amazing eclipse. The sun was huge in our vision and you could see so much detail of it as the earth began to eclipse this most intricate looking sun which was bursting with solar flares and black spots. Heat was never a problem for us. At one point during the end of the eclipse, the sun appeared to pass right through the moon right next to all the people and everyone backed up to allow it to pass which it did, but it went straight through everything as if it never existed but it was the most intense thing I had ever seen. The earth passed and light was restored in a mysterious way to the new moonscape which was very reminiscent of a Brazilian favella. I then joined a large group of asians (likely Japanese) as we jumped and leaped our way around the favella as some unknown force was chasing us. The jumping and leaping was like those french guys you see on TV who have some competition to see who can get to some crazy point in the fewest steps. There was something about barging into a fancy dress party and then we leaped into a situation where we were surrounded by our followers and then I woke up.

Prior to this dream I had another really interesting dream. It was John Fincher and I and we show up at a really posh mansion with flamingos and mini golf courses all around. As we enter, John says “prepare to make the best first impression you ever had” and we walk in. I notice a really intricate marble counter with a small city built into it. There are some people dotted around that I didnt really recognize. And then all of a sudden I wake up (in the dream) in some lawn chair near a circus or carnival. I start walking around and I realize that I am wearing some fancy sparkly tuxedo or some thing close to it with awkward buttons in the front. This girl Tamara (I dont know any Tamaras) comes to say hi to me but she seems agitated. We talk and then she says she has to get ready for the show and goes off into a dressing room. At this point I realize I feel a little off and keep having bouts of light headed ness. I stumble my way to the pool where there is all sorts of older people who seem to be pleased with my presence even though I am in this ridiculous tuxedo. I crack some jokes and ask why I went to bed right away and said that I thought it was weird that I then woke up in this costume meaning someone had to have undressed me in my sleep. Next thing I know is that I am naked riding my bike down the river bed in Costa Mesa but I quickly realize that I am naked with all sorts of important electronic belongings like my camera and phone and something else I cannot remember. I then look back to see that I had dropped everything and it was all broken and decide that I must have passed out or something from another bout of light headedness which was starting to make me think more and more that I was drugged. I gather my belongings and then go back to the house. I get dressed, grab a sleeping bag and think I need to find Tamara. I get off a train in front of the circus and walk through this shady little church yard and as I enter a shadow comes up to me and grabs my sleeping bag and then I instantly just feel helpless and things go dark with just a shadow pulling at my sleeping bag. I refuse to let go and try to speak but nothing comes out and then I feel scratching at my chest but still refuse to let go. At this point I get worried and wake up (in the real world) and the dream was over not to be returned to.

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