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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

via Reporter-Club

It’s Thursday again and you know what the means! So please fill me in because I have no idea.

But what I do know is we’ve added 160 more pounds of raw, hairy manliness to Our Thursday! Prepare to fill your deepest emotional void with violence, German shepherds, Batman, neck beards, neck ties, neck veins and Afrin.

Just kidding. That’s terrible.

Listen, do we really need another man in the single white male-dominated bathroom? No.

Did we search for a brilliant individual to bring more content, more laughter and more vulgarity to your life? Yes.

That said, please give a warm, wet welcome to everyone’s favorite homonym, Mike White!

My Quite is a wildly talented writer whose wit delights and horrifies thousands of followers in a little corner of the world called Twitter. Follow him if you like breathing @THEmikewhite.

Mike will disseminate cutting commentary on everything from celebrities, sports and politics to the gum on his shoe, right here on Our Thursday. He premieres in one week, so look for it on your news feed and share, share away.

When he’s not writing, Mike is gyrating somewhere in Culver City eating burritos by himself and growing an impressive mustache. He looks like Bill Murray, but after a few tequila shots he might resemble Ryan Gosling and Grover holding hands.

Do you want to write or snap photos for Our Thursday? Send samples to [email protected].

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