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The computer science lab at the University of California, Irvine was a clinical and unpleasant place. This lab was an extremely long room filled with rows and rows of computers as far as the eye could see. The floor was raised to accommodate for the 4286 miles of cables that were underneath it and there was a perpetual droning sound that I believe to still be making a ruckus in my head. The people that spent their time here were, in general, a bunch of douchebags. They would put blinders over their screens to make sure no one was copying their code. They would make snorting sounds and slosh around in their troughs while they grunted at somewhat hilarious images of sesame street or Rogan’s Heros. I hated going to this place but it forced you to work and even with blinders on, you could still maneuver your set of mirrors in such a way to read the screens of those bastard rapscallions. One long night, frustrated over the fact I could not find a freaking semi colon somewhere in my code, I paced the hallways. I happened to notice a guy who was slouched all the way in his chair, only his back was on the seat while his hands were on the mouse and keyboard, obviously not hiding his screen. And he had no reason to, he was bouncing his head and tapping his fingers as he was scanning some website trying to find music. It just seemed odd so I had to enquire.

Turns out he was trying to find music for his online radio station that he was running. His name was and is Kourosh and he called his station Roach Clip Radio, you know, a play on words. As he told me about his radio adventure, I was extremely intrigued as well as impressed with his uncanny selection of down right awesome music. My music indulgence is weak to say the least and relies on me being in other countries to find new music. We jabbered away and we realized that we could join forces since I had a proper server with proper bandwidth that was jolly well better than his broken laptop he was serving it from at the time. Thus my injection into the world of was completed.

My friendship with Kourosh continues to this day. He got me my job at IBM and of all my friends (minus the Europe crew), he has done the most international traveling with me including Ireland, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, and England. Interestingly, I think we have only spent one night hanging out back in California.

But I digress, the point of this blog is to promote our radio station Roach Clip Radio which has had a new breath of life surged underneath it’s very bland skin. Our philosophy is wide and diverse, much like the music we like to play. But in general, we seek to provide you with a constant flow of uninterrupted music that does not require your attention to change to the next song nor does it distract you from the work/party/meeting/life that you are participating in.

“We strive to provide a stream of music directly into your dome which will release your innermost emotions and feelings that can only be revealed with a choice selection of quality music.”

I will end this advertisement with a plea for help and support. If you find yourself enjoying our station and pulling great pleasure from its rhythmic vibrations and meditations, please show your support with donations and participation on our roach clip board. $3/month would allow us to keep this station up permanently without fear of “the man” taking it down. A one time $5 would pay for the retarded mp3 streaming fee we have to pay. $10 would help us cover a year of domain registration. I wont even start on the bandwidth and storage costs. Regardless, the station is at your disposal with or without your support and we hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we do.

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