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Rock On Dustin Helvig!

It brings me great pleasure to introduce the latest member of the Our Thursday team. He has been an honorary member from the beginning with his constant appearance in our stories such a the first and third hair cut bets, my sprint to become the Supreme Leader of the world, or the audacious moments at Vincenzo’s. However, now it is time for Dustin to grace us with his own perspective on life and the stories that come from it.

Dustin was raised in the Knolls (as was I) and was brought up by viking parents who both stand 7 feet tall and not an inch less. He was invaluable as we were growing up since he worked at Play-it-again-Sports which supplied us with an arsenal of toys and activities. He drove around a lowered black ranger with airbags and no door handles and head lights that could blind Stevie Wonder from a thousand paces. He helped me transport a ratty old couch 250 miles on a single cylinder (out of four) because the tin foil was not sufficient to keep the other three in tact and was there to laugh as the cab filled with smoke when the final one blew and he didn’t mind when the cop yelled at us for sitting on the couch in the bed of the truck on the side of the freeway and because I did not realize that I had used the call box for mute people and had unintentionally offended the mute cop on the other end. Dustin let me duct-tape knives to the inside of my ankles so I could climb up his palm tree like a lumber jack and he was very reasonable when his Viking parents burned down the local village screaming for the neck of the one who damaged their palm tree.

Dustin has taken the very unofficial position, and the first position for that matter here at Our Thursday, as our music correspondent due to his absurd passion for collecting CDs, supporting music in all of its manifestations, and working at a Metal music label. But I will be disappointed if he does not tickle our pickles with some of the memories that have no relevance to music and can simply be described as ludicrous.

Welcome to the team Dustin!


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