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Dick Trickle

A problem some men might run into is dick trickle. This happens after you pee and you think you are done, you close up your pants, but the last remaining urine finds its way out onto the inside of your underwear. We come up with all sorts of ways to avoid this, the most common being thrashing your penis around trying to shake it all off, but sometimes this is not entirely effective. Here is how I do it…

It was my first time ever using a fake id at some bar in Newport Beach. It was a spontaneous decision to go. So spontaneous that I went as I was which on this particular night meant that I was not wearing any underwear. The shorts I was wearing have since deceased but were maybe the best pair I have ever had. I always seek shorts that I can reuse over and over, can swim in since they dry quickly, have good pockets, and rest above my knees. In many of my travel pictures, I am wearing these shorts as a constant reminder to their greatness. One problem however with these shorts was they would show fluid very easily, VERY noticeable. After returning from the bathroom my friend Dave made sure to point this out to everyone and we had a good laugh. I eventually went to the bathroom and it happened again. Now I was self conscious of this fact and made sure to try and hide it. But being ever awware, Dave noticed again. But this time he told me something that I will never forget for the rest of my days.

“To not get dick trickle, just close your eyes once you think you have finished, and imagine yourself walking. Preferably in a serene place.”

My next trip to the bathroom I tried this out and it worked! So if you are ever peeing next to me and notice that I seem to be extremely enjoying the moment with my eyes closed and a smug smile on my face, don’t worry, I am just walking in my mind.

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