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So as I stumble through life trying to make sense of what exactly it is that I am trying to accomplish, I absolutely love hearing stories of how other people are dealing with that very same experience. Even more so when it doesn’t involve the all too common answers that I have heard back in the responsible world of the United States. Well The Soccer Project is a perfect example of an alternative to our preprogrammed career paths. Luke and fiancé Gwendolyn are traveling the earth playing pick up soccer and videoing themselves as they do it to share the cultural experience and adventure with the rest of the world. After plugging away at college soccer and never really taking it to the professional level but not wanting to give it up, they decided on this journey. They are several years into it and have had plenty of support although I am sure they could use more financial support. They recently won a MAC competition giving them $10k and a slick new editing setup and I highly recommend going to the website to watch the teaser video. It must have seemed so simple initially: I like soccer, I like traveling, lets make a video of the two. Damn it, why didn’t I think of this idea? Luke, my arch nemesis according to mutual friend Gaby due to our names, opposite skin tones, love for soccer, similar humour, etc, and his fiancé Gwendolyn are absolutely marvelous people and deserve the notoriety and experiences this project has brought them. I wish you much luck and look forward to seeing you at the next Asado. (I think the web page has different videos than the youtube one below.)

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