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Brian Pratt Wooo!

I would like to introduce my next recruit for the blog, Brian Pratt. He stands high above the rest although I can only say this figuratively due to his lack of inches in the height department, but no matter. Brian and I became friends in high school and our group spent many an hour wasting time coming up with new ways to entertain ourselves such as ridiculous videos, bets, drinking games, girls, all night graduations, camping, etc. In our group of friends, Brian was by far the most creative of the lot and initially I only saw this in his humor and wit and outrageous Halloween costumes (maybe he will post some). But since my departure from Simi Valley all of 8+ years ago, I have come to understand the true talent that Brian holds and has been aggressively cultivating. Take a gander at to get an idea of what I am talking about. He is now applying this wonderful talent you can see above at his work in L.A. and from what I know, he enjoys it immensely.

I know Brian’s infectious and lovable self will come out in his writing and I am glad he has decided to contribute to the blog. His humor will compliment the current oddball collection of outlandish styles and probably bring a whole lot more class. Welcome Brian!

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