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Handwritten letters hold a lot of weight

My family in England is so good about sending letters and disappointingly I have never reciprocated their efforts. I have always opted to use electronic methods which I argue allow me to convey a lot more information. But just like those elementary school valentines days when you were so happy to receive a hand written valentine from the cute girl in the class, I cant help but be ecstatic every time I get a hand written letter in the mail. Especially since now a days the mail generally only brings bad news of debts and bills and oppurtunities for trips to Vegas for ‘free’ or get another credit card.

Well I was particularly touched recently when my dear cousin Jak, in bloody old England, sent me an email with an attachment in it. The attachment was a digitally transcribed hand written letter from Jak’s brothe, Rob. The digital transcription was provided with Jak’s Livescribe pen that I had baught him in the states and then shipped to him since it wasn’t possible to purchase in England and ultimately cost Jak some $400 for a freakin pen. He likes writing. Cool gadget though to get your writings into your computer. Anwyas, here is the letter.

Cheeky Bastard
Cheeky Bastard

Well Rob, thank you very much! I have purchased your request although I highly doubt I will fit a 5kg bag of mate in my bag. I refuse to send it in the mail so I will be in England After June 1st when I get back from Turkey. I have used it a few times though, you know, break it in. And the bombilla is different but there we are.

If anyone else cares to write to me I will be happy to consider any requests.

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