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I Have Now Performed a Hit and Run

On the way to yoga this last Monday, I am riding the fixed gear down Orange Ave. This road is a long residential road that can be quite busy and there are many stop signs down it’s length. The best part of riding this fixed gear for me is to go faster than cars. To do this efficiently I end up running many stop signs which can get you in trouble with Johnny law but I have been lucky thus far.

As I approach a stop sign, I pass a line of stopped cars, none of which have their indicator on so I decide to fly on by. Well the car at the front starts to turn right and I had roughly half a second to realize I was going to hit this car as I was doing close to 35 km/h. Prior to this moment I had envisioned myself cushioning myself against the car and just turning with it to avoid any crashing but when it came time to actually enact this escape plan, it failed miserably. I hit the car hard above the front right tire and flew over the hood. Fortunately I didnt have my clip shoes on otherwise the bike would have flown with me. I layed in the middle of the road in front of the car with many other cars around and bright beams in my eyes. I propped myself up, smiled, and went to get my bike. The guy came out of the car asking if I was alright and saying something about me coming out of no where and I should be more careful. I looked at him and ignoring the pain in my knee and foot and his frustrating comments, smiled and shook his hand saying I was cool and I was sorry to get in the way. He wanted me to stay to inspect myself and bike but I knew I was in the wrong and I jumped on my bike with a crooked handlebar and ripped grips and bolted for the gym. Didnt get his number or name or anything. My first Hit and Run. Yoga soothed my nerves for the next hour…

Lesson learned? I have now flown over two hoods in my day and I stood right up each time so I think I am cool to hit cars from now on. With this being said, I resolve to still not put brakes on my bike and pedal faster and harder next time to avoid a crash.

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