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This Just In!

Initially, I had my name as “Burner” on here because I wanted to protect myself from what I thought would be a crude portrayal of my life.  Turns out my life is anything but, and now I can handle writing under my real name.  Hello! My name is Danielle Bernabe.

Recently I joined twitter and with that came a lot of self reflection- Who do I think I am? Danielle Burner.  Am I funny?  According to twitter, I’m not funny.  And what’s next?  I’m guessing not much. With that said, I invite you to follow me on twitter @daniellebernabe.

Enough about me (for the most part).

In other, more significant news, I want to introduce you to Our Thursday’s new writer.  It took me awhile to warm to the idea of another woman in the bathroom, and I think it’s because I’m not comfortable with another woman possibly overshadowing me.  That’s how we think as women- irrationally.

However, Rebecca Pardess– a ginger, a drinker, a lover, a fighter, a knocker knocker out–has since smothered us with delight.  The first time I met her neither of us paid much attention to each other.  The second time, the same thing occurred.  Same goes for the third time.  The forth time, over turkey sandwiches, we discussed our love of writing, and although I am not gay for her (or anyone in that matter, except for Rosario Dawson), I became smitten by her honesty and courage to say the word “cunt” without remorse.   She has tickled me and the rest of Our Thursday with her witty exposés and renderings of her everyday and we hope that she does the same for you.

Rebecca Pardess (@HeyBeccaHey), welcome.  We look forward to your self deprecation and more importantly, bringing the juice that I cannot.


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