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Facebook Stupidity

1. The girl who disguises complimenting herself as anger.

“Geez! Just got carded for buying a lottery ticket! WTF! I know I look young for my age but this is ridiculous!”


2. The insecure best friends who need to prove how close they are by constantly posting back and forth on each others pages.

“Omg! I can’t wait for the concert, hurry and pick me up so we can go! 143!”

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes so get ready gurl! LML!”

“The concert last night was Ah-Mazing!!! Remember that creepy guy? ROFL!!! I’m glad I got to see Katy Perry with you! Thanks for pickin me up bestie!”

“LOL I almost forgot about creepy guy! haha . . answer your phone so we can get lunch!”


3. The Mathematician

“Cold Margaritas + Friends = Good Times! ! !”


4. The boring girl who tries to hide this fact by making silly faces in all her pictures.


5. The guy who needs to turn every mundane activity he does into a life lesson.

“Just finished a 4 mile hike. Life is too short to be stuck inside a stuffy office from 9 to 5. Live each day like it’s your last. Carpe Diem!”


6. The girl who thinks we all know who and what the fuck she’s talking about.

“I can’t believe the nerve of some people! What goes around comes around. Payback is gunna be a bitch!”


7. The girl who’s always fishing for comments.

“Thinking about going blonde. . .”


8. The guy who adds too many friends so he can get more people to read his blogs.

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