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Short Story Contest

As of right now, Our Thursday is accepting short story submissions from the public for a chance to win one of five great prizes!

  • A chance to be the next contributing author on OurThursday
  • A mobile application that is of your winning submission
  • Two days of prepared food by our very own Danielle Burner
  • Get your mugshot drawn by our very own Brian Pratt, the genius behind the drawings for each of our authors.
  • A sneaky date with our revered Dave Glenn
  • And if applicable, a guaranteed slot at this year’s Open Mic Night will be awarded to all our winners.

    Your submissions will be accepted up until midnight of the 26th of November 2010. That’s a good 10 days to get your act together. If you already have a blog and would like to share a particularly good post, feel free to send it our way and we will be happy to link to it when we do our Contest review posting. Facebook post? Send it on in. We are not picky.

    Please send submissions to [email protected] immediately

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