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I had a boss named Harry. My first conversation with him was about how he had lived in a dozen countries and was planning his retirement in Costa Rica and was building his dream house where he would finish his days recollecting the many wonderful memories of the past. This conversation drilled itself into my brain and from that point on I decided that I needed to know the world much more than I had at that point. Sure I was well travelled but I hadn’t “lived” the rest of the world. So I began my preparations and eventually executed. Now three years later I have had the opportunity to live and experience our beautiful world from the flamboyant perspective of Argentina, the luscious green view of England, and the amorous goggles of Chile.

While in London I met a very ambitious gentleman by the name of Brian Smith who introduced me to the concept of Generation-Y, which myself, and likely you, are deeply entrenched. He runs a blog called Lifestyle Y which has some fantastic advice and perspectives about this burgeoning concept and philosophy on life. I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Brian and I shared some of my thoughts about being an international entrepreneur and lover of life and the world. I invite you to check out the interview where you can read the full transcript as well as listen to our conversation if you are so inclined to know how I sound.

Enjoy …

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