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Two Years? Pssshhhh….

Our Thursday is approaching her two year birthday! Or is it three? Not important… Since her inception she has been screaming passionately and loudly as her growing pains shape and define her. Two years ago I didn’t even know if she was a she or a he but it’s all too apparent now as she slides her silky smooth hands all over our bodies. I must thank the authors for her blossoming identity as it is their tireless efforts and unique personalities that have caressed her buxom bossom to heave ever grandeur. And to that end I would like to introduce three new “stimulators” of her, Our Thursday.

Dustin “Deezy” Villepigue

At six foot nine inches, he will be hard to ignore on this writers forum. He has been featured in a number of my stories thus far, most famously with his 18th Birthday Present. From the time we got our A+++ on our Maryland report which was completely plagiarized from Encarta, we have been best of buds. Since then he has been doing a good job of playing professional basketball in every country except the USA, which I find to to be most impressive. Now living in the Czech Republic with his new fiancé and seeking his next basketball contract, I would like to welcome Deezy to Our Thursday.

Dave Glenn

A recent graduate from the international school of mystery, Dave is the only person I know who compares himself to a salamander. He has been wildly successful in his writings until now and is soon to be our very first published author! It is easy to see why as his charisma and personality will tug and jerk on your genitals while you read his tales of lust and adventure. It is a true pleasure and privilege to have him writing here at Our Thursday. Welcome Dave.

Danielle Bernabe

Well the bathroom was becoming a little cramped here at Our Thursday and it was definitely inundated with testosterone so something needed to be done.  I was told to read her this fantastic blog and I knew we had found our girl to bring color and beauty to Our Thursday. I look forward to learning about and getting to know this talented writer with the rest of you. A big round of applause for this literary beauty, Welcome Danielle.

From the murky depths of my literary heart, welcome to Our Thursday.

Portraits of the authors doing things in the bathroom coming soon.

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