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Its about time…

In one day I will give a training class to a group of people that will want to hate me but hopefully I can win them over and teach them to embrace change even if it is forced down their throat without too much notice. In one month I will be enjoying the sparkles of a new language while at the same time trying to create an online service that I plan on forcing down the throats of people without much notice. In 4 months time I will be diving in heavenly bodies of water in Central America looking for the next would-be client to utilize my online service. In 8 months time I will have added one more continent to the list of continents I have visited with a trip to Antarctica, stopping briefly to see if I can force my online services on the sheep farmers from my motherland in the Falklands. In 15 months time I will be in Barcelona grabbing an MBA and surrounding myself with individuals who will understand my obsession of finding peoples that are willing to allow me to force my services down their throat without really any notice at all. In 24 months I will be in South Africa sneaking/shmoozing/buying/pleasuring/begging my way into the World Cup games hoping to find the next set of peoples that would really like for me to come up with something that could really help them out without much effort or money. In 36 months time I will be in India gazing into the eyes of a Tiger while on the back of an elephant trying to find the peoples that would love for me to come up with project 9 to solve their dilemma(s). In 48 months time I will be in a Transylvania castle in wondering how this rose got so red talking on my cell phone to 5 others that are doing the exact same thing I am doing. In 72 months I will be vacationing in Southern California at my modest East side Costa Mesa home trying to convince my friends that I need people from all sorts of industries to help me jam things down peoples throats while never really giving them any notice. In 97 months I will be riding down the chan’s elezy shocked and dismayed by the fact that I just completed the Tour de France. In 120 months I wil lprobably be bored with what I have been doing and begin pondering my next escape from the almost normal world that I had constructed around me.

It gets a little fuzzy after that right now but I am glad it is so clear for the first part.

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