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So How About Those Bikes in the Garage?

It has become very obvious to myself and all those around me that I have this infatuation for bicycles right now. I justify this lust with the osteonecrosis that I have in my hips which has rendered me a non-runner. Cycling has quite simply stopped me from going mad with frustration ever since I had to give up soccer and other running related activities. Fortunately for myself it is possible to stay fit with a degenerative bone disease.

I spent several months building a fixed gear. It began with a trip to San Fran where I spent the days walking the streets gazing at these fixed gear bikes. All the while I had Robert describing to me why the people that ride those things are horrible horrible people. His reasoning had something to do with the fact that he lived on the dubious part of town, and the bikes seemed to crest the hill from the fancy part of town. He never really could explain his hatred, I attributed it to his awkward body structure that probably disallows him from participating in bike riding.

From there I spent the days painting the beast and trying to figure out how to make a fixed gear work with a vertical dropout. Bike nerd talk, but basically the tire cannot go back and forth to adjust with the tension in the chain. Apparently rather dangerous to do. Now I can reach speeds of 60+ km/h and frequently have to take random turns since I cannot stop due there not being breaks.

I view the scenic mountains of southern California on this tank. 1996 Honda CR250 gets me through dangerous times at pismo and more. My ass is currently sore (in a non homo sexual way) from riding this thing so much recently. Everyone is worried that I ride this monstrosity to work everyday at speeds in excess of 160 km/h.

Anyone got a mountain bike frame that would be good for a single speed climbing bike?

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