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The Lost 36th Ingredient- “Dark”

It recently came to my attention that McDonald’s no longer serves dark meat Chicken McNuggets alongside the white meat ones.  In a state of fury and confusion, my friend and I decided to start a campaign to revive this delicacy.   The following is the letter I wrote to corporate:

January 15, 2011

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523

To Whom It May Sway:

I hope this finds you quite well, although I am certain it will find you quite dry-mouthed; that is, of course, if you are eating a box of Chicken McNuggets. Growing up, my mother’s motherly duties rendered her without time and energy enough to cook sustainable meals for my three sisters and me.  Instead, she gracefully drove us through the McDonald’s drive-thru for Happy Meals everyday.

My fondest memories from this experience include the Monopoly pull tabs and the delegation of the white and dark meat nuggets between the sisters.  I loved, craved, adored, salivated over, and desired the dark ones.  How could I not?  Their moist texture and succulent bite could stand alone without the provided honey, sweet and sour, barbecue or mustard sauces. 

A few months ago, I pushed aside my healthy eating regimen and visited McDonalds for a taste-bud stroll down memory lane.  I ordered a McNuggets Happy Meal and drove home while dipping my hand in the box to snack on the piping hot fries (which by the way are astonishingly delectable these days).  The temptation to scarf down the nuggets had to be prolonged by the idea of sitting peacefully at my table while separating the darks from whites. 

With a tingling tongue, I arrived home and allowed myself to finally dive into my childhood.  The Shrek toy curved my smile upward; the fries, now scarce, begged to be finished; and the nuggets finally exposed themselves to my eyes.  Oh, the sweet joy that awaited!

As they stared at me, I stared back, but something peculiar occurred.  My macaroni grin fell limp and my taste buds’ yearning scampered away.  I only saw white meat.  “What a drag,” I thought to myself as I forcefully doused the cowboys in the barbecue sauce. 

In order to fulfill my craving, I returned the next day.  However, I ordered only a six-piece helping and searched the box before pulling out of line.  Again, no dark stallions, just the bland whities.  I asked the attendant for darks and she informed me that your company no longer carries the dark meat Chicken McNuggets. 

This inconceivable statement raised several questions: 1) Where did the considerable amount of the dark chicken, not being used in other menu items, go? 2) Did McDonalds stop including them because of low demand? 3) Was there pressure from a health group of the government? 4) How can I possibly move past this? 

After researching this debacle, I saw that there are 35 different ingredients that complete the make and model of this product- a product the size of a bite.  Since 2003, ‘dark meat’ has been extracted from this extensive list of components.  Why?  How? 

In a country that has struggled with diversity for most of its history, I’m bamboozled by the fact that it has included the McDonalds’ tenderest of Chicken McNuggets. 

With an eerie amount of passion, I urge you to revive this juicy treat.  A treat that has not only granted a multi-leveled eating experience, but has also promoted the task of fair trade and sharing. 

Dark meat Chicken McNuggets-  who needs another white meat, when you got yourself a dark meat.

Thank you for your consideration and may you be moved the way McDonalds moved me, circa 2003 and prior.

Best intentions,


MJ went from dark to white...look what happened to him and his 35 ingredients..
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